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The Importance of Choosing a Proper Argumentative Paper Topic

If you are assigned to write an argumentative essay, you should be well armed with potent and persuasive arguments with regard to one of the selected topics for your paper. Your own position and point of view should be the backbone of your paper. But the main feature is that your individual views must be supported by reasonable proofs, evidences and arguments and proceed from the genuine materials.

Hence, your paper should come with legible and clear arguments to have a look of a true argumentative essay. The arguments, that you will provide, should support your opinion.

Be always on the alert for the opposition to your position. Try to think about this fact in advance and to reveal the opposition view in your paper.

To simplify the process of writing argumentative essay, you can fancy yourself that you are a solicitor and your main obligation is to defend a guiltlessly accused person. You have to prepare your speaking to the jury so well-founded, argumentative and supplied with the imposing proofs and statements of the person’s guiltlessness in order to demonstrate his/her non-participation in the case he/she is incriminated. Being in the solicitors’ hide will assist you to develop a powerful argumentative base of your paper.

Don’t hesitate to begin. Below we present you some curious topics for your argumentative paper. So, get acquainted with our list and choose those, which fit your needs the best.



The List of Argumentative Paper Topics

  • What should we do to cope with the domestic violence? Is it a problem or exaggeration?
  • People become superfluously dependent on computers. Is it a good point or should we be more attentive of their advantages?
  • Is the Internet overfilled with commercialism?
  • At the present time technology makes communication more comfortable. A lot of people are eager to work at their places before their computers. What risk does the society meet choosing computer screens rather than face-to-face communication? Are we becoming the prisoners of technological progress?
  • Is it humanly to use the animals for scientific research?
  • Should car drivers be forbidden from using cell phones?
  • Is it a good idea to ban cigarettes smoking as heroin consumption?
  • Should mobile phones be restricted in public places like theaters or restaurants?
  • Is it a good idea to integrate from Marketing to e-Marketing?
  • Should the death punishment be obligatory for people who kill others?
  • Consider both sides of the death punishment. Is it a barbarous murderer or just a kind of simple punishment? Can it serve as deterrent to crime?
  • As it is known the lungs of the earth are forests. Do you think that rainforests destruction should be prohibited? Provide some ideas how we can protect forests.
  • To maintain good health it is unnecessary to eat meat, a lot of vitamins you can get from meatless products. A diet with meat is as healthy as vegetarian diet. Provide your opinion about these statements.
  • Is an advertising manipulation or information?
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